Intro to contexts of practice BCOP100

Contextual Studies is about learning where we are and where we want to go. It allows us to look forward at where photography is going and to look back and where photography has been.


12 Years – Became homeschooled

13 Years – I was given a bridge camera on my birthday

13-15 Years – Spent everyday going for short walks and taking photographs

15 – Began Art GCSE in South West Art Warehouse + bought a DSLR (same I use today)

16-18 – Studied Extended Diploma in Photography at PCA

18 – Studying a BA in Photography at PCA

Where I want to go with my photography is hard to answer.  When I began I had no intention of taking it anywhere or in any particular direction. Coming to the art college has opened my eyes to the possibilities within the industry. Teaching this art form is something I feel I want to do; to also show what I see in art and photography.

What is a photograph?
• An object?
• An act?
• A means of communication?
• A record?
• Visual?
• Material?
• Evidence?
• Art?

The History of Photography
The Camera Obscura was the first way that we discovered that images could be projected and captured, by painting what had been projected.  Nicéphore Niépce captured “View from the Window at Le Gras” in 1826, which is the first recorded photograph.

The Power of The Media
The photographs that we see in the media are often very compelling; whether this to provoke a reaction, sell us their product or want to help a cause. They are often used for to push views, such as political leaders and/or views. Ai Wei Wei recreated the famous image of the dead refugee child, as well as sculptural installation piece with lifejackets, as a haunting reminder  and visual representation of the tragic events that had gone on.  Banksy is also another example of making political orientated work, intended to put across a point/message.




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