Photo challenges

Instagram Challenge –

For this challenge, we were tasked with taking photographs that we felt fit specific words. The words we were given;

  • Euphoria
  • Reflection
  • Facade
  • Glow
  • Distraction
  • Mystery
  • Resonance
  • Linear
  • Intimacy
  • Distortion


The abstraction of the shadow has no flow to the image. There is nothing for your eye to follow through the image and therefore I felt the word ‘distraction’ was apt for this reason.


I chose to use a black and white edit to this photograph as I felt it would allow the harsh shadows makes for a bolder image.



I took this photo in the reflection of a window, outside my house, as the sun was setting. Intimacy to me, means a cosy and private or relaxed atmosphere. Something familiar. The warm tones, connotes a closeness. The subtle reflection of myself adds an element of human connection.


This one I felt was pretty self explanatory. Again, using a black and white filter to really show the contrast on the light on dark.



Ambient Lighting



Goose Fair

Due to it raining continually, I didn’t want to damage any of my equipment by keeping it out. I didn’t take as many photographs as I would have liked, but am happy with my outcomes. As well as using digital, I also took photos on my film camera.

goosfair .jpg


A natural moment I captured after Saskia and Shannon had just come off a ride. Using my 35mm lens, I was able to achieve a shallow depth of field at f/1.8. I shot at ISO 100 and at 1/800s.


This photo of Abi has a sense of anonymity, due to her face being hidden by her hair. The warm glow has an almost romantic effect. Again, I took this photo at f/1.8 at ISO 100 for 1/800.


I shot this at f/22, ISO 100 1/3s. I used a tripod, but due to not having a shutter release button, I still experienced camera shake.


I am relatively happy with my outcomes for the circumstances I was in. Dealing with the crowds, changing light and weather proved hard for this task.


Portrait Challenge

Using natural light without any use of reflectors, we were asked to go out and take ‘street portraits’. I did attempt to take photos of strangers but when asked for their permission they all declined. So I took to taking photos of fellow peers. I feel the photos I took were sharp, despite lacking a better background.

portrait .jpg


I shot this at ISO 400 1/60s at f/9. Despite the distraction the background creates, I enjoy the cool tones within this photograph. The wind blowing her hair adds a sense of movement to the photograph.


I shot this at f/10, ISO 400 at 1/60s. I like the full body portrait, however I feel this could be better if the depth of field was shallower and had the location been better.


Aperture Challenge

For this challenge we had to take photographs of the same thing, whilst altering either the depth of field, focal length. I feel that I was successful for this task.


I took this image at f/4.6. There is a very shallow depth of field; I feel it is composed and exposed correctly –


And this one at f/11.


This one I took at f/4.6


And this one at f/11. – I struggle to see the difference between the two images, but both of them are sharp. I feel the composition could have been better and perhaps closer up. I think this may be the cause of not being able to see the difference in the depth of field.


Using an 18-105 lens, I took this photo at a focal length of 35mm.


This photograph was then taken at 70mm.


Continuous Lighting Challenge

“Working with as hand held light meter, a DSLR camera, and your choice of lens you will produce a range of images experimenting with continuous lighting.

Working in small groups you will produce an array of portraits creating hard and soft light and how it works.

You will work in groups around the teaching space using backdrops. We would like you to experiment with composition, and the direction of the light to produce a range of different images.

You are required to make notes about settings and equipment used, and you must produce a lighting diagram for each shot.”

Shoot notes

Photo set one – light meter reading 1,Iso 100,160,F5.6,With arri 300

Photo set two – light meter reading 2,Iso 125,200,f5.6,With arri 300

Photo set three – light meter reading same as 2, addition of gold reflector,With arri 300

Photo set four – Badger lighting,With arri 300 and arri 800,Iso 125,200,F5.6

Photo set five – Led panel light,125,200,F5.6

Photo set six – Led panel light with pink gel,125,200,F5.6

Photo set seven – Led panel light with pink gel and silver reflector

Photo set eight – Led panel light with yellow and orange gels,125,200,F5.6

Contact Sheet






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