Test Shoots


Overall I felt these were successful shoots. I took photographs on location, in environments dear to my friend; places of which she has strong emotional attachment to.

We started at my house, in my room. Being very close friends, she explained how she finds great comfort in coming to my home, a place where we spend hours talking and often laughing . Using the natural light available that day, the ambient lighting adds a certain softness to these images. For me I felt it was important to keep the light bright and soft. Artificial light potentially would have elicited different emotions.

The photographs I took on location were taken at Bridey’s favourite place that she called ‘Creek Wall’. A short walk from her home, this is a place important in her journey of growing  up; she has fond memories of her being with her friends here. Taking a portrait in bright sunlight is something of a nightmare for me and I did struggle with exposure at some points. However, I’m happy with the some of my outcomes.


The last location was in Bridey’s front room and bedroom. Whilst taking my images, I considered if I wanted her to look directly into the lens, or to take images of her being completely natural and unaware of the camera. I experimented with both and came to the conclusion that I wanted her to look into the camera, deadpan. I decided upon this due to not wanting anything to distract the viewer. I wanted the story to be about the person, and the location.


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