Origin of photography BCOP100

The origins of photography

The history of photographer started in the 1830’s. In both England and France, almost at the same time. With two men called – William Henry Fox Talbot andLouis-Jacques Mande Daguerre.

Fox Talbot was the man who made the formula to get out a negative and a positive picture.

Daguerre made photos but they were only one print. So you could not make multiple prints of one picture. He called them Daguerretype.

Camera Obscura means darkened room. It is the first of all cameras. Painters used them for drawing the right perspectives of people and places. The easiest way to describe a camera obscura is that you have a place that is totally dark, and then you make a small hole to get a projected image of what ever is outside of the room on the inside. It is going to be upside down because you don’t have a mirror or aprism that a camera has to turn the picture the right way around. There are comparative artists that use the camera obscura. Like Abelardo Morell and Colin Smith.


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