Documentary photography

Documentary photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson is the father of documentary photography. He could stand on one corner of a street waiting for the perfect oppertunity to come up, for the moment to take a picture.

Like Susan Sontag says: “The truth is a balance” and that is what I believe. I believe that all photography is some sort of lie, even though it is documentary photography.  I find people who believe photographs is total truth to be naive. That they don’t consider different angles of looking at an image.

Key terms : 

Documentary: To me documentary is telling the “true” story, from one perspective. How the photographer chooses to tell the story. Documentary is often capturing the social structure, politics, history etc. Telling the story of something the photographer finds meaningful, a story it wants to tell to people.

Truth: Truth, in this context, means to me the truth of the story a photographer is trying to tell. Or it is the photographers truth, it is what the photographers and wants us viewers to see.

Authentic: If documentary photography has been staged, it loses some of its authenticity.

Narrative: Narrative is the story you are telling. To connect that to documentary and truth, the picture is the photographers narrative, the narrative is the photographers truth.


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