Hendrik Kerstens

Hendrik Kerstens is a Dutch photographer and visual artist. Kerstens highlights the beauty of the ordinary and the greatness of vulnerability, in all of his picture; he is fascinated by the master paintings of the Dutch master age.

Initially his photographs were created out of desire to document fleeting moments that fade of childhood. He recorded everyday events of his daughter, Paula. There was one day of revelation where he realised he projected his interest in the Dutch painters of the 17th century, on to her when he photographed her. In his portraits, he refers to that era.

I appreciate Kerstens concept, I also enjoy how he evolved an idea as simple as documenting his daughters childhood, to relfecting on dutch painters work and style. His work is different and innovative. For me personally, I find there is a weird juxtaposition, between reflecting on historical artwork, but using modern materials such as plastic bags to create his photographs.

His work is simple, but that is why it works. I know at first glimpse, you question why anyone could take a photo of a model with a plastic bag placed on her head and win a prize for it. I think once you delve into and acknowledge the thought process behind it, the photographs become somewhat meaningful and not just taken for the sake of it.


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