Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter is an artist using photography and film, living and working in East London.  In 1993/4 he took a series of photographs, titled ‘Ghetto Series’ in Hackney, when he lived in a squatted community. All of the photographs feature his friends, family and neighbours.

Conceptually, his work largely relates to my own project and what I intend to achieve. Photographically his work follows a specific mood and one that I enjoy. His documentative style, is a muted and deadpan one, which I feel compliments the concept; as well as the interesting backgrounds and settings these photos are taken in.

When shooting in black and white, it can create a certain mood and atmosphere. However colour also has this mood change effect, in a different way. Depending on your intentions and how you want the audience to respond, black and white might connote something darker and heavier in emotion. His use of colour I feel is important within this body of work – had it not been in colour, it would have changed the tone completely.

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