Black and White shoot

This is my contact sheet. Overall, I am happy with the images I have produced. The difference between the light and dark within the photographs are extreme, however this, paired with the grain I feel adds to it.


I came across this scene on my way into town. There is a strong use of line and light within this image.


This was a photo that I took upon impulse in the moment. In that moment, I didn’t overly consciously consider any of the formal elements, such as composition and form. Frustrated with the fact there is blur, I feel that adds a sense of movement and shows that it was taken in the natural moment.


This is one of my favourite photographs I have taken so far. The use of black and white and the extreme grain within the photograph creates this feeling of nostalgia. Had this image been taken in colour, it would have created a different atmosphere and aesthetic. The roof of the vehicle leads your eye to the roof of the barn, taking your eyes throughout the image. Had there only been one child in this image, I think it would have connoted much lonelier mood. The fact that there are 4 children together, all positioned together I feel adds a sense of narrative.


This is my Nanna. I think I would have preferred the background to be blank as I feel the clock distracts your eye. I purposefully positioned her within the middle of the image.




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