Please Empty Your Pockets

Please Empty your Pockets is an installation that consists of a conveyor belt with a computerised scanner that records and accumulates everything that passes under it. The public placed items onto the conveyor belt, such as ID cards, wallets and phones. Once they pass under the scanner, they reappear on the other side. As a real item is removed, it leaves behind a projected image of itself. The piece remembers up to 600,000 objects. The piece intends to blend presence and absence using traditional techniques of augmented reality.

This art installation creation was made and designed by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer in 2010. His art combines technology, architecture and devices such as projections and mobile phones.


His work is very relevant to my own, for the ‘Things’ part of the brief. He explores the vast variety of seemingly insignificant objects among the public. A concept mundane to some, but I one I find simple but effective. It is both a tactile and personal piece of artwork that is intended to engage the viewer, physically and mentally.


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