Processing Film

To process film it needs to be done in the dark using a processing tank in a processing room. In a processing tank included is:

  • Tank
  • Lid
  • Funnel
  • Centre column
  • Spiral


Loading my roll of film onto the spiral, in complete darkness, when secured, I then cut the end of the film from the canister and placed the spiral on the centre column, in the dev tank. I then twisted the funnel inside and the put the lid on, making it light tight. Before going into the dark room, I placed all my equipment out in order to aid me.

In the processing room there are three chemicals that need to be used in order for the film to be developed properly. The first chemical that was used was ID-11 ; the Developer. Then there is the Stop, then Fix. For one film on the spiral, there needs to be 500ml of liquid in the tank. For the ID-11 this meant 250ml of water and 250ml of ID-11. The timings for the developer are dependent on what film you use. In my case, I needed the developer in the tank for 13 minutes and at a temperature of 20 degrees. The developer needs to be agitated continuously for the first minute and then 10 seconds for every minute past, in the remaining 12 minutes. When that is finished, it can then be thrown away.

Next, 500ml of Stop is to go in for 30 seconds which is to be continually agitiated. This can then be re used and put back into the Stop ‘tank’.

Finally the fix is poured into the dev tank. This next step is for 5 minutes, agitating it for the first minute and then every 10 seconds for every minute. from then on. Like ‘Stop’ the fix can also be re used and pour back into the tank.

The film is now ready to be taken out of the dev tank and put in a water for at least 20 minutes. The processes to to clean the negatives of the chemicals to stop them continuing to develop. Once done, the negatives are ready to be hung up and dried in the ‘Drying Cabinet’.


Processing film I find really fun. I enjoy working with my hands and there is something about the process that adds to the excitement. I feel there is more personality in it comparative to working digitally; although more room for mistakes. Predominately I work with film, however usually colour. I intend to take advantage of the facilities we have as I enjoyed it so much.n


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