Shoot and eval


These were my contact sheets from this roll of film. I’m happy with my outcomes. When shooting, I made a conscious effort to take more portraits; more pictures of people involved in my life at home, social and college. I consider this quite a successful shoot overall, but in regards to final images… not my favourite.CNV00002

This was an attempt at a half self portrait, without looking through the view finder. Due to it being so close, and not being in control of the focus, I knew it was going to be blurry. Despite it being so blurred, I enjoy the fact it is abstract and it is just formed of shape and colour. I don’t think this is a contender for the final image pick, but I find the outcome of this picture visually interesting and mysterious.CNV00009

The depth of field in this picture is strong and makes this image. The natural light adds a softer feel. Although it is posed and she is looking at the camera, the fact that she is smiling makes for a more natural image. I purposefully placed her to the side of the image, considering the rule of thirds.CNV00010

I adore this photo and feel that this is definitely a contender for the pick of my final images to exhibit. Using her shoulder to cover most part of her face, adds a sense of anonymity. The deadpan expression and looking deeply into the camera, creates a mood and an atmosphere. It is perfectly composed and exposed in the way I wanted from this shot. The depth of field is just right. Due to her lack of makeup and shyness, of wanting to cover most of her face, connotes feelings of innocence to me. Despite her half posing, I feel this image is really natural. The tonal value in this image is absolutely perfect, and everything I had hoped for, when taking the shot.CNV00011

The use of shadow and reflection makes for an interesting photo. The lines running across the bus shelter glass, moves your eye throughout the image, which makes it flow better. I love the candid of the unaware people in the bus stop. If I could change anything it would be to lower the exposure to create a slightly darker, moody image. CNV00014

For this image, I considered the use of the rule of thirds and negative space. I think this image works well. Initially I was going to take a picture of the entire structure, but felt the background would be to distracting. The contrast and the dark cloud adds mood and atmosphere. CNV00019

The curvature of the wall, allows your eye to follow through the image. Without the red graffiti, I believe this image would be boring. It grabs your attention and adds interest to the photo. The only thing i would change about this photo, is to make the horizon straight. The blue of the sea, and the red contrast each other. CNV00020

Although the image is slightly for comical effect, I do love this portrait. The tonal range in this is lovely, and I feel the cold feeling works for this particular image. I enjoy the deadpan look, despite the posed body language. CNV00022

I took this candid of my mum, after applying silver hair dye that appeared purple when applied. I love natural moment. It kinda summarises my mum, in a moment of normality, she is the one to bring personality and brightness to a situation. Most of the time without even knowing. I enjoy the glow on her face from the screen and lamp. When taking this, I considered the rule of thirds.CNV00024I was stood outside, feeling a bit poorly at 9 o’clock at night and someone had left out shed light on. Despite the subject matter being seemingly uninteresting, I felt the cold LED light would make for lovely lighting in the picture. I enjoy this photo because it is natural and untouched. I did not change or move anything within the photograph.


Without the sharpness and depth of field that I have achieved in this picture, I dont think it would be as aesthetically pleasing to look at. The contrast and muted tones compliment each other. What drew me to taking this photo was the line and reflection.CNV00028

These two candids of Georgia (above and below) are beautiful images that I’m proud of. The muted tones within the background and her clothing, as well as her alternative style, makes for a incredibly visually appealing photograph. CNV00029


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