Final Eval – People, Places, Things / Self Initiated

When planning for my project, I already had vague ideas; for example, I knew I wanted to work with 35mm film, to create images visually pleasing and natural. One of my initial thoughts was to consider how I wanted the audience to respond and what could best serve this; producing a series shaped by emotion.

For my concept, following on from People, Places I wanted to continue my idea of taking photographs of people close to me, in environments of deep meaning to them. For this project however, I decided to make it less complicated by taking photographs in one specific space, as opposed to many; to make it clearer to the audience. In my opinion, this worked much better.

My main inspiration for research was Nicholas JR White. His work examines our relationship to the landscape around us. Additionally, in regards to style, his aesthetic is something I wanted to carry through into my own work; I wanted to recreate the calm, almost dreamlike feel into my imagery. Particularly focusing on line and shape, I wanted to focus my attention to simplicity and minimalism.

I took my images with a documentative style in mind. Using a fixed lens allowed me to capture a good depth of field. When considering final images to exhibit, I would like it purposefully simple, with ‘less is more’ in mind. Contextually, I looked into ‘Place Attachment’ ; this is a theory based upon a bond between a person and a place. It is highly influenced by an individual and his or hers experiences. Incorporating places with deep meaning to myself and the subject I was photographing, I feel deeply relates.

This project has enabled me as an artist as it has highlighted my strengths and weakness’. I have taught myself how to operate and load a film camera. When taking my images, I feel I have kept completely objective and there is a clear pattern and style throughout all of my shoots. However, when taking portraits, despite trying to overcome this, I still remain shy when interacting with people. If I were to redo this project again, I would consider exploring other types of cameras – like using medium format. Still, I feel I have worked in a productive and professional manner throughout.

I feel the most successful part of my project is how I have managed to convey the muted aesthetic that I wanted. Having images that complimented each other in a series, was key to this project. I feel I have attained continuity by consistently considering the quality of natural light and perspective, throughout the duration of my shoots. The group work and presentation I took part in, despite being incredibly anxious, I felt that I presented myself clearly and explained my idea effectively.

My favourite part of the brief is that is has been essentially self directed. I am glad I chose to shoot film for this project, as I feel it has greatly complimented my work.


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