Alice Joiner

Alice Joiner is a British photographer. She documented her journey through mental illness and drug abuse, to help cope through the healing process. All her images were shot on 35mm film, which is something I hope to achieve for this project. Her images are unapologetic and raw. A few don’t follow the “rules” of photography, such as composition, rule of thirds etc.

Despite my project being about physical illness (and how also that effects state of mind) and hers being more towards drugs, her images are not dark, and are just simply a documentation; a diary. Her images are open to interpretation and are broad. Of all the people I have researched, I have found her photographs most fitting and relatable to my project.





I love the natural unapologetic look and the candid of the subject matter. It kind of sums up the messiness that life can bring and not everything is perfect. Take it how it comes. From a photographic point of view, I find flash unflattering and harsh. However if this was taken without it, it would have a totally different feel to it, and I actually think it works with it. CNV00005

I adore the muted tones within this image, It is simplistic and atmospheric. I enjoy the intention to photograph from a different perspective. how-one-photographer-documented-her-life-to-cope-with-her-mental-illness-1484046297

Despite this being in black and white. From my experience, I can appreciate the feelings of fatigue. This image is simple and has depth.


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