Evaluation BCOP100

Having previously experienced contextual studies from a previous course, I had an idea of what to expect from this module. I feel it has been interesting and eye opening and have learnt a great deal. Throughout we have embarked on a trip to Lacock Abbey, immersed ourselves in the history of photography and had the pleasure of benefitting from a range of guest lectures from established photographers and a local historian. Speaking briefly, this module has created a gateway for further learning in regards of photographic history as this is not something I had ever looked into before and is now something I hold an interest in.

I particularly enjoyed the trip to Lacock Abbey; I had more of an understanding of the importance of history and have more knowledge regarding where the art form that I am practising.

In regards to the presentation we had to complete, this has to be the lowest point of Contexts of Practice. I did not enjoy the practical to it, one bit. I lacked in confidence greatly, despite enjoying the overall research and development of the group work.

In coming semesters I hope to delve further into the history of photography and the development of photographic processes, push myself to investigate a wider range of artists and take influence from other mediums. I have thoroughly enjoyed this module and am looking forward to contextual practice that will be present throughout the remainder of my time at Plymouth College of Art.


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