Goose Fair Research BCOP100

The event of Goose Fair, held in Tavistock, was first recorded in the early 12th century. In the primary years of the fair it was predominantly an opportunity for the sale of livestock, trading business and overall socialising between those who are local to the area. Goose Fair is suggested to have been named as so due to farmers purchasing geese from traders prior to the Christmas period at this time to ensure they were plump enough to sell later in the year. Other than this event in Tavistock, the only other one of this nature in the Nottingham of which comes from similar origins. Although this fair may have moved away from it’s initial purpose (having moved the majority of live stock sales to Tavistock Livestock Centre) it still acts as a key social event in the modern yearly calendar of the town and now plays host to a range of entertainment, fairground riders and traders focusing primarily on Christmas orientated goods.

The Fair itself spread throughout the main streets of the town. Starting around Drake’s statue, moving down Plymouth Road, into Bedford Square, throughout the Quay, Chapel Street, Alexandre Centre and the surrounding areas – playing host to a wide variety of stalls.



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