Walk with Sophie


I was nervous that this roll wasn’t going to come out, as I had exposed my camera to quite extreme weather. I had been in hail and by salt water, to then in snow. I tried to be especially mindful of what I was taking photographs of on this roll, hoping to achieve a very muted, simple look.


Allowing some of the foreground within the image adds more detail and interest into the photograph. The light dreamy colours of the sky and the muted tones of the grassland compliment each other greatly.


When I first saw this image, I was disappointed that I’d caught her just as she was closing her eyes. However now, instead, this is what I like most about the image. There is a certain calmness to the photograph; her hair, hat, jumper and coat all act as a kind of frame. The muted tones and colour within the images contrast her dark coat, allowing for depth. I have captured her hair flowing in the wind which adds a sense of movement to the image. I purposely chose to place her in the middle of the photograph, disregarding the rule of thirds. I wanted no distraction.


Compositionally, this image really works, and the colours only add to make this a stronger image. However there is slight blurring which is really frustrating. The Rule of Thirds is evident within this image, as well as looking at negative space.


Again I wanted to incorporate and look at negative space. The orangey tones of the grass, contrast the dark brooding sky. Had I have taken then landscape, I feel this would have given a different effect.



I am extremely happy with this roll of film; I feel I have achieved the certain aesthetic, feel and style I envisioned. The landscape, subject matter and use of 35mm complimented each other greatly.


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