What informs my image choice? BCOP100

What informs my image choice?

Ironically throughout the process of doing a self documentary, I have had to come out my own mind and view my life as ‘somebody else’. While taking pictures of my own world, I’ve often had to remind myself that despite these pictures seeming uninteresting or mundane to myself, to others viewing my work, they are welcomed by places, people, objects, they are not familiar with.

When taking the photographs, I strongly consider the use of lighting to attain the deadpan aesthetic and the emotion and character within the image. Throughout this project I have kept in mind, simple but effective. I want to achieve my intentions and messages, subtly, in my work.

Another angle that was brought to light; does my emotions at the time of a taking a photograph, whether positive or a negative, affect the image? Do I subconsciously focus on the darker aspects of my life when feeling low? Do I take more or less images?



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