film shoot


Overall I am really happy with this shoot. In this roll, I have explored with varied locations but still trying to keep a very specific style and aesthetic. The use of colour I feel compliments the portraits, and if I had taken them in black and white film, I risk losing that. I have tried to focus on taking more candid shots, and this has worked amazingly well.


Despite being over saturated, I feel given the circumstances this was taken, in a poorly lit, busy pub I feel happy with my outcome. Ive caught a lovely moment of him sharing a laugh with someone with my camera. The red tones do add a slightly different feel to the image, but I enjoy the aesthetic.


This was my favourite photograph from the roll. While on the train, I was able to take a photo of her in the reflection of the window. I’m really surprised but incredibly happy that this image came out; the use of colour, the depth of field. I feel that this is just a genuine and lovely image of my sister.CNV00012



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