Gursky Research/ Notes


His work is simplistic and relies upon large prints. These allow his images to become even more stark and overwhelming. Strong use of composition and tonal value.

Although heavily skilled, I would argue the context and the validity of his concepts and where they fit. Visually stunning – the size is impactful and plays with scale.

Strong use of colour – very linear and abstract.

He plays with industrialisation and the globalisation of humanity. Highly detailed scenes, use of symmetry and semi-fictional scenes.

I enjoy the continuity.



Adreas Gursky is a German photographer and is known for his large format architecture and landscape colour photographs. Before the 1990’s, he did not digitally manipulate his images. In the years since, he has been open about his reliance on computers to enhance his pictures. Gursky is drawn to large anonymous, man-made spaces and the perspectives of his photographs are often drawn from an elevated vantage point.




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