Shoot – Ali’s dance


I was asked by my housemate Ali, who studies Dance at Plymouth University, to photograph one of her performances. It was a last minute favour as the original photographer did not turn up. Luckily I did have my camera with me and was able to step in, but I did not have a tripod. The setting was very intimate and immersive and the dance itself was more contemporary and more conceptual. I was asked not to use flash throughout or keep any noise of the shutter to a minimum; I was able to use the ‘quiet shutter’ mode, however it was an incredibly challenging shoot. Shooting on manual, I decided to keep the images darker to then lighten in Photoshop, in the hopes of keeping some quality. I usually manually focus, but due to the often fast pace of the dance I felt that auto focus might be a better bet. It wasn’t. However manually focusing wasn’t much better, due to it being so dark, I didn’t really know if I had it focused properly. Overall, despite the heavy restrictions and limitations put upon me and the lack of proper equipment available, I feel adapted to the situation in the best possible manner.




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