Small Worlds & City Limits Proposal

Upon the delivery of the brief “Small Worlds & City Limits” and having further researched artists that correlate to the project title, I have decided to focus on my own “Small World”. I intend to delve and explore into what that is, and what that means to me. Taking photographs of the spaces that I find myself most grounded to. This idea has been highly influenced by Andre Kertesz – “From My Window”; his approach to the everyday and the seemingly mundane, as well as Josef Sudek “The Window of my Studio”. Similar to Kertesz, they were both confined to their space and photographed the outside world. Having been homeschooled for most of my secondary education, this is something that resonates deeply with me; and my dependence of my safe space and small world.

I aim to play with the idea of taking photographs through windows as I feel there’s is a certain curiosity and mystery to it, which interests me greatly. However, I will investigate the objects and spaces surrounding me and compare both ideas. Composition and lighting will be key in creating strong images for this series.

Using my Canon AE-1 I feel shooting on colour film will best suit the direction I want my project to take, in the hope of creating a deadpan aesthetic. Dependent on my finances, I also hope to experiment with medium format, using the Hassellblads from the ERC as I feel the quality would further compliment “Small Worlds”.

My primary location will be my general living space; kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.

When exhibiting, I will keep less is more in mind and I feel a triptych would best serve this.


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