Small Worlds Evaluation

Initially, written in my proposal, I decided to focus on the ‘Small Worlds’ part of the title. Following researching Josef Sudek, I was inspired by his body of work ‘The Window of My Studio’  and felt I could approach this idea in my own way. However, my interest lies with taking photographs of people. For my small worlds project, I wanted to incorporate this and decided upon taking photos of people in my everyday life… in my own ‘Small World’.

The term ‘Small Worlds’ by definition is ‘A network, especially and particularly a social one’ which I felt deeply related to the direction in which I wanted my work to go. Using my 35mm camera, a Canon AE-1, I explored taking posed and candid shots. I chose colour film in the hope of creating a nostalgic, timeless feel to them. Using a fixed lens,  I took my images with a documentative style in mind to capture a god depth of field.

Nan Goldin’s ‘The Ballad of Sexual Dependency’ is a body of work that I hold with high regard and will always be of some influence to me and my own work, past, present or future. I loosely based my project in the same way; focusing upon my world around me, friends, family, housemates and photographing them in natural state with my 35mm camera.

English skills have played a role when carrying out my work, primarily for research and analytical purpose. This project has highlighted my strengths and weakness’. When taking my images I have purposefully attempted to stay objective when considering my style and aesthetic I want to achieve.

I did also intend to explore other types of image taking like Medium Format, however this due to my financial restrictions, this proved to be too much of an expensive avenue to explore at this moment in time. So I opted for 35mm as a happy medium.

The most successful part of this project is I feel I have conveyed the my muted, documentative and simple aesthetic throughout my shoots. I feel I have attained continuity by consistently considering the natural available light around me.

The blog format of which I have chosen and the layout supports my body of work. It is organised and easy to navigate. Conceptually broader briefs are definitely are of more interest to me; being open to interpretation, you are able to explore and play with an idea.I am glad I shot film for this project, although I feel if I were to re do it, using black and white film would make for an interesting comparison with the colour film and would have perhaps have brought something to the photographs. Not exploring this avenue is something with hindsight, I regret. I

In regards to this brief, I have struggled with motivation and have not felt driven nor inspired with my desired concept, which I feel is evident. Having almost complete creative control is usually a positive for me, but I feel there is something missing from this body of work. Despite this and the challenges I have faced throughout this project, I feel I have met the brief and have communicated my proposed concept.


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