Abstract Self / Exploded Image Final Eval

Both Abstract Self and Exploded Image, I have purposefully tried to step out of my comfort zone, while still heavily researching artists to support and supplement my proposed ideas and body of work. In Exploded Image I have explored with my digital camera and utilised photoshop to manipulate and join images together to make a ‘Joiner’. I feel I still carried and relied upon my own style for both parts of the brief.

My main inspiration was David Hockney. Hockney is a versatile artist, known for being an important contributor to the culture of pop art and creating his own element, ‘Joiners’. He believed they extended photography, and by drawing the images he gave them narrative.

It was equally interesting and challenging to focus a project on the ‘self’ and not incorporate portraiture. Due to my interest in photography being mostly portraiture, it was hard separating myself from this and taking a step back. I had to think differently with ‘Less is More’ in mind. My deadpan and simple aesthetic I believe I have still carried throughout both projects, sticking to my own ‘style’.

The length we have had on these briefs and having almost complete creative control has demanded quite a lot, especially in terms of organisation.

My blog format is easy to navigate and supports my body of work.

I feel I have met the brief as I have achieved what I initially proposed


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