Film photos



I am happy with this roll, although I have swayed from what I intended to shoot. I have gotten carried away and have not been thoughtful or objective in regards to the brief, getting carried away taking photos of people…yet again.



The tonal range of colours within this photograph adds interest in the photograph. This kind of has no relevance to the brief, although it is a big monstrosity that sits outside my window from where I am currently living. CNV00026

This picture was an attempt of self portrait taken in a different light and angle. I enjoy the competition, however this is almost too literal in interpreting the brief.


I took this with a documentative style in mind. I wanted to focus on the environment that I live in whilst not giving any kind of narrative. The strong contrast, paired with the focus on the person with their back to the camera adds a sense of anonymity, even in a room full of people. The warm colours add a homely feel.


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