Gillian Wearing

Gillian Wearing is an English conceptual artist. She is most known for her methodology of documenting life using photography and video, generally concerning individual identity, within both private and public spaces.

In the early 1990s, Wearing started putting together photography exhibitions that were based around the idea of photographing anonymous strangers in the street who she had asked to hold up a piece of paper with a message on it. Of these “confessional” pieces, Wearing stated,

I decided that I wanted people to feel protected when they talked about certain things in their life that they wouldn’t want the public that knows them to know. I can understand that sort of holding on to things—it’s kind of part of British society to hold things in. I always think of Britain as being a place where you’re meant to keep your secrets—you should never tell your neighbors or tell anyone. Things are changing now, because the culture’s changed and the Internet has brought people out. We have Facebook and Twitter where people tell you small details of their life

I enjoy Gillian Wearings work, more so for the conceptual point of view, as opposed to the practical side. I have previously studied her work in my last college. I created my own small book, asking people around, to write things down that first came to mind. It was a successful project.


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