Peter Lik

Peter Lik describes himself as “the world’s most famous photographer, most sought-after photographer, most awarded photographer.”
He sold and took the worlds most expensive photograph: ‘Phantom’. Beating the record set by Andreas Gursky and his $4.3 million ‘Rhein II’, ‘Phantom’ sold for $6.5 million to an anonymous buyer. Lik has sold $440 million worth of prints from fifteen galleries dedicated to his work that he also happens to own. His main goal is money- he cares not for relationships, studying, or anything that doesn’t involve photography. He is divorced and has never studied art nor any other photographer, concentrating only on his own progress, mainly financial progress. He spends 3 months a year travelling for photographs and spends the rest of the 9 months selling them. Lik started out as a salesman for a packaging company, always photographing, eventually for Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation. He then began a successful postcard company using the photos he took for Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation, and after some time he attempted opening his own galleries, becoming successful in such after obtaining a good sales team.


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