Proposal – Abstract self

It’s The Small Things.

For this project, abstract self is more experimental and I intend to explore this, conceptually. Instead of focusing upon the visually abstract I wanted to explore what a self portrait really is. Does it need to include my face? Or is it implied?

For this part of the brief, I have decided upon taking photographs of the small details of my life; the seemingly insignificant. Details that almost go unnoticed, belongings, details of my safe places.

I will shoot with my 35mm camera Canon AAE-1.

After researching Mami Kiyoshi, who photographed people surrounded by their possessions I was struck by the importance and relevance to the objects we own and what it says about us, however I decided to eliminate the portrait aspect.

As someone who enjoys portraiture, I feel it will almost be a challenge to focus on something other than that.


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