Emily Knecht

Emily Knecht; a photographer from Los Angles takes self portraits of herself crying. Emily’s series ‘Feelings’ first began as a way to cope to with upsetting moments in her life, she photographed herself crying for three years.

The photographs she took, were results of fights with her current boyfriend, feelings over her ex’s and her struggles with sobriety. All of the images were taken on a 35mm camera, so there was on instant review of the photographs.

Speaking about her work she commented on the difference between using film and digital for this project to work:

“If I had used a phone I’d be staring at my face and immediately be self conscious,” she explains. “It would no longer be a pure capturing of the moment. I use only point and shoot 35mm film cameras, I hold the camera with one hand and I click. I might not finish that roll for a week so it becomes a mystery.”

Despite this project being focused around herself and life, she is usually seen published in Vogue for her work.


I appreciate the dedication this takes to make a project as long as she did and the fact she used 35mm as opposed to her phone, or a digital camera – I think this was a good decision as I feel it wouldn’t have the same effect or mood.


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